DIONYSUS Experience Šumadija

ALEKSANDROVIĆ Winery, Topola, Šumadija

DIONYSUS Experience Šumadija will shed light on the undiscovered wine region of central Serbia. After three hours of exploring the amazing vineyards at the foot of the Venčac mountain and feeling that this nature is gently nurtured by human hands, the road will take you to the ALEKSANDROVIĆ winery. Tucked away in the vineyard itself, the ALEKSANDROVIĆ winery summer house will be our host for wine tasting, a Dionysian feast and entertainment. Feel Dionysus, give yourself a full sensory experience and deserve a day full of action and enjoyment.


The ultimate wine and hiking experience will take place on Saturday, May 27, 2023 in the heart of Serbia, Šumadija, at the foot of the Venčac mountain and close to Oplenac. The start of the hiking tour through the vineyards, the matinee and the party after the walk will be organized in summer house of Aleksandrović, one of the most beautiful wineries in Serbia.

This will be an opportunity for those of you who want to escape from the city for the weekend, to experience an active hedonistic day in which we will explore new walking paths and absorb new tastes of Aleksandrović wine.

Don’t spend another weekend sitting at home or in a restaurant, spend it on the move, learn something new and taste the flavours that only Šumadija can offer.

Not only will Dionysus bring an activity for everyone’s fitness level, so you can walk, run or mountain bike the path in the vineyards — he will serve you wines and meze in two places in the vineyards so you can enjoy sports, nature and clean the air.

You must have heard of ALEKSANDROVIĆ, and if you haven’t, you will discover a new place and a type of hospitality that only Serbia and this place can offer.

This time, the following wines will be served: Triumf, Varianta, Prokupac and Vizija.

For food, the chefs will make divine veal sach with salad and “Vineyard Pie” made with raisins. There will certainly be vegan options for all of you who fast or don’t eat animal foods.

Finally, for those still looking for Dionysus, we will organize a DJ party to dance and enjoy the sunset in the vineyard. We will play until 8:00 p.m., when it will be time to sober up and get ready for the trip home.

Have fun and live life to the fullest in search of Dionysus.

Veroljub Zmijanac, founder of DIONYSUS Experience