DIONYSUS Experience Fruška gora

VERKAT Winery, Čerević, Fruška gora

DIONYSUS Experience Fruška gora is a mouthful of divinity. It’s a GODLIKE ADVENTURE that leads you on a 10km hike through the breathtaking scenery – vineyards full of juicy fruits that mature into wines for you to taste right there in VERKAT winery, at the heart of the cheerful town of Čerević. So, let us take you through this adventure. Allow all your senses to be awakened. Be a wanderer, an explorer, a hedonist. Feel the Dionysus.


The ultimate hike & wine experience – DIONYSUS will start on the 17th of June 2023, from Serbia and the charming town of Čerević and VERKAT winery in the shadows of the beautiful Fruška Gora.

Čerević. You’ve probably never heard of and never visited this place before. But if you decide to explore Fuška Gora in a different way, we will take you on one intimate, adventurous, wine-tasting trip to Verkat winery.

Oh, yes we will!

During the 3 to 4-hours hike (but you may run it or bike it), you will pass 10 vineyards, 2 lavender fields, and numerous orchards. We’ve set 3 checkpoints points in the middle of the route for you to refresh and taste wine made from the grapes growing next to you.

We will wait for you to finish your active part with 3 delicious wines and goulash made from local markets. For sure, you will like Vojvodina specialties made from our grandma recipes.

Our matinee program includes a picnic-like set up with numerous points to learn about the wine culture of Fruška Gora, Čerević history, and play witty wine games.
Last, for those who are still looking to find Dionysus, we set a DJ party to dance and enjoy the late-night summer breeze.

Have fun and live life to the fullest in the wanderlust of Dionysus.

Veroljub Zmijanac, founder of Dionysus Experience
Nataša Vrkatić, owner of the VERKAT winery